Exhausted and Stoked!

Last night was PIMPBOT’s first practice since the Asia tour.  I stopped by the grocery store on the way to the studio.  It’s where I used to pick up beers before practice.  I went to the liquor aisle and stared at a tiny bottle of Jack Daniels.  I thought about buying it and stashing it away in my trombone case thinking, “no one would know about it.”  What I’ve learned recently is that pretty much all secrets get revealed at some point.  I didn’t wanna get caught drinking, especially on the drive home…  so I just picked up a water instead.  Shit.

At practice we worked with our new sax player, Raybot.  He’s such a champ, literally learning the sax as he learns our songs.  Sure, we could’ve held auditions in hopes of finding ringers that could solo for days, but that’s not what we were looking for.  PIMPBOT always wants to expand its sound but we want to do it with like minded individuals that believe in our music and “the way we do things.”  Ray fits that description perfectly.

We tried out a new tune I’ve been toying with.  It was the first time we attempted working on new material since Rylan’s stroke.  I forgot how awesome it feels to work on new material.  It was the happiest I’ve been in 2 months.  It’s good to know there’s anyways something that can yank you out of a downward spiral of depression.


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