Double header weekend and a public appearance

This past weekend was Biz-E!  On Saturday, after spending the day to get to know my digital cable box, I headed out to play two PIMPBOT shows in one night.

First stop was Cool Kailua Nights.  It was an outdoor block party to benefit non-profit charities and such.  Satellite Grey was supposed to be playing before us but we heard they canceled.  Instead, there was a sick reggae band playing.  I think they were called “Sensination.”  They had the street packed with people skanking away.  As local legend Andy Bumatai started to introduce us, it started raining and the crowd dispersed.  Such is our luck.  Thankfully the rain came and gone and there were some rad kids that stayed to dance and sing along.  Kailua ended up having a LA type of vibe where it’s cool to act like you don’t care about who’s on stage but then afterward, they totally lose their shit and tell you what a great time they had.

Stop number two that night was at Red Lion University on Coyne St, near University of Hawaii.  PIMPBOT was third in a line-up of 4 bands: Friends of Adam, 82Fifty, PIMPBOT, and Busekrus.  There was decent amount of tension around that whole show.  The bands that we were playing with were all sooooper serious… meaning that these bands all wanna get big immediately.  These bands have managers, have tour vans, filming music videos every other week, etc.  This all led to a weird crowd.  The bar was at least half full but was 10 times more quiet compared to when we do shows there with only a quarter of the people there.  The reason is… band loyalty.  As it turns out these serious bands also have serious fans.  So serious, that they only applaud the band that they swore an oath to support that night.  That doesn’t really work for PIMPBOT, being that we don’t have much of a core fan base, but we get along with a lot of other bands and make friends their fans as well.  When it was all said and done, I had to give props to 82Fifty.  Honestly, I can say they are the tightest band in Hawaii right now.  Whether you put them up against a rock band, Jawaiian, or Reggae, 82Fifty would demolish them.

On Sunday, I was asked to make an appearance and be a guest presenter at the Hawaii Underground Music Awards at the Doris Duke Theater.  I always get a kick out of seeing all of Hawaii’s indie bands getting together under one roof.  It’s kinda like Justice League.  Despite the given awkwardness of the situation, with the owners of Laughtrack Theater being there, I had a good time.  I presented the best Hip Hop Artist/band award.  My co-presenter was Serena, the manager of Black Square and the owner of Serpico Records.  The winner was the Deadbeats.  Cool band… sick grooves.  What made the night for me was watching punk promoter Jason Miller accept his Lifetime achievement award.  His sons wrote out some words to say about him and I almost came close to tears.  Maybe I’m just overly sensitive because I have my first kid on the way.

After the Award show, I saw Zombieland at the Ward 16 Theater Complex.  Not only was it a great zombie movie, it was just a good movie in general.  Go see it, you’ll love it… unless you have lame, serious taste.


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