Ultrasound… in 3-D!!!

My baby in the womb
My baby in the womb

What, you don’t see the resemblence?  That’s my daughter, Lola, 17 weeks in her momma’s womb.  After a two hour ultrasound yesterday, they were able to crank out a CD for us, with 3-D pics and video.

It was yesterday that we found out the sex of the baby.  I realized that somehow the word “daughter” makes me feel a lot older than “son.”  Maybe because I already use the word “son” in everyday life.  As in, “oh sh*t sonnn, your beer is spilling.”  But the word “daughter”… that is just foreign to me.  Well, foreign til now anyway.

I’m looking forward to being a dad and my wife assured me that I can still dress my daughter in rad boy clothes, as long as I use girl accessories.

You may already be at one of these sites but here’s some links in case you’re bored and wanna follow the pregnancy and our lives:


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