A Horn Section I Finally Like

Last night was another PIMPBOT practice out in Aiea. It was our first official practice working with our new complete horn section. It’s comprised of myself on trombone, Ray Farias (from 2face4) on tenor sax and Nick Ramos (Whiskey Sh*ts) on trumpet.

I was surprised at how decent we sounded after playing together for just an hour. Plus considering Nick hasn’t touched a trumpet since high school and Ray is learning the sax as he learns horn lines. I give both those drunk bastards a lot of credit.

We’re taking a pretty solid approach at arranging horn parts. Ray will be taking all harmonies… mostly 5th’s. Nick plays mostly an octave above my parts or sometimes will play a 5th w/ Ray, depending if I’m singing or not.

Through this whole process, I’m learning some stuff as well. I’ve learned how to transpose trombone to tenor sax, which is actually pretty easy. Trumpet is a lil’ trickier but fortunately Nick prefers to learn his trumpet parts on tabs so since I know trumpet fingering, it’s pretty much a cake-walk.

The only thing that bummed me out about last night was that we didn’t get to work on new tunes. We’ve been working a new tune for sevral weeks now and I was hoping we’d finish it this week but we ran out of time. Hopefully we’ll finish up this new song next week because I have 2 really cool songs on the back burner.


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