More women a bad thing?

Sundays are usually my “catch up” day for TV. Every Sunday it’s me, a bowl of cereal and my digital cable box. I really enjoy catching some good sketch comedy every now and then so I played my recorded episodes of Whitest Kids U’ Know. It’s a 10-15 sketch comedy show on IFC.

They’re a great troupe, using influences from some of my favorite troupes of the past such as Monty Python and Kids in the Hall. Something that both mentioned troupes were famous for is playing majority of the female parts themselves, despite the fact that these were all-male troupes. Whitest Kids U’ Know seemed to keep with that tradition until recently. I watched two episodes where at the end of the whole thing, I saw as many females in the show as there were males. If it were my first time watching the show, I wouldn’t have been as to who’s show it was. Who were the troop members and who were guest actors?

One thing that I really like about these recent episodes though, is a form where the sketches are seamlessly connected. The show that I like to think pulled that form off perfectly was Mr. Show. Monty Python dabbled in that as well, but their technique was to go from live sketch into their primitive animation in place of a punchline.

I’m interested to see where the next episode of Whitest Kids U’ Know will take us. Are they subtlety changing the form of their show, or did they just have a huge party with a bunch of chicks and promised them that they could be in a few episodes if they could bang ’em? Only time will tell I guess.


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