Giving Myspace a 2nd Try

I know, it seems silly right?  We all giggle and pshaw whenever someone mentions Myspace.  A couple weeks ago a fellow musician came up to me and asked why I haven’t approved his Myspace friend request.  I was left shocked and stunned.  I wasn’t sure how to answer him.  I remained silent for at least 15 seconds, thinking he was about to bust out laughing and say he was just kidding.  However, to my horror, he was serious and therefore wanted a serious answer.

I babbled as I tried to remember when was the last time I logged in and trying to remember if I still know my log in credentials.  Basically I pretended that I didn’t know that my Myspace profile was still up… but I was lying… I knew it was still there… and Tom from Myspace knew it was still there.  I later micro blogged about this encounter on my twitter to get some cheap laughs and potentially get more followers.  As a result, I did get some laughs but the only followers I gained were those spam twitter accounts that talk about Brittany Spears sucking cock.  I feel bad for saying this, but there’s NOTHING I wanna see Brittany do… nothing at all.

I let a week or so pass and then out of sheer boredom, I attempted to remember my log in credentials.  Geez, it was like cracking the Da Vinci code because my e-mail address that I used for my log in is an old account as well.

Eventually I cracked that baby open and boy… it was just a mess.  Which is probably why people left Myspace for facebook.  My activity feed was just crammed with band and promoters that I could give 2 shits about, cramming every little event down my throat.

I decided to do some housecleaning on my profile.  Again, I was really bored.  I opened up my friends list and shaved my friend count from 1,700 to about 435.  What really helped is that Myspace added a feature where you can add your real name so that I don’t have to guess who Mystical_Star_Unicorn_in_my_ass***_$>< is.  After narrowing the almighty friends list down, I set my account to the strictest anti-spam settings available.

Then I viewed my profile page itself and that looked pretty crappy as well.  I checked out the edit profile options and there are some decent looking themes, modules and lay-outs you can choose so that your views don’t have to wait 8 minutes for all the crap on your profile to load.  As far as the content, there’s still some cleaning up to do but it looks and feels way better.

It’s been about a week and a half since I initiated this Myspace clean up and things have been going pretty smoothly.  I only get feeds, bulletins, friend suggestions and comments from people I actually know and give 2 shits about.  It’s nice.  Of course, it’s pretty quiet and the feed moves pretty slow being that there’s not as much people on it as before.  It’s kind of feels like if you walked around a carnival the day after it ended.  Lots of cool stuff to do and look at but there’s nobody to share it with.

Overall, I had fun cleaning up the ol’ Myspace account and since there’s really simple mobile Myspace apps, it’ll be easier to prevent it from growing too many cobwebs.

If YOU still remember your log in, hit me up and say hi:

Makes you think what the next blog will be about.  Friendster perhaps?  Asian Avenue?


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