Puna Punk Experience

It’s been a few years since I’ve played a show out in Hilo.  On Sunday PIMPBOT played at Shooters in Hilo with our new friends from Puna, Old Habits Die Hard.  I didn’t expect a show on a Sunday night to go off but thank God I was proven otherwise.  The skank pits that erupted when starting each song was evidence that ska/punk is alive and well in Hilo.

It was a busy weekend for Old Habits Die Hard.  They were recording a split CD with fellow Oahu band False Crack, who also joined us on this weekend journey.  They were wrapping up the recording when we arrived in Puna and I was asked to play on ska songs that both bands recorded.  1 ska song each.  To be honest, I don’t enjoy playing or recording outside of PIMPBOT.  In order for me to do so, there has to be either some good money (yes, I can be bought out) or I really have to like the band.  In this case, it was the latter.  Also, I was curious to see how my new horn section in PIMPBOT would do at recording.  This is the first 3 piece horn section I’ve been apart of since my days with The Creepers, circa 1998.  It turned out really well and we came up with our own position for three of us to stand in when sharing one recording mic.

I believe the split is called “Banana Split.”  The release is very DIY so I’m not sure when downloadable material will be available so in the meantime get more info on the split and the bands at their websites:

Old Habits Die Hard – http://www.myspace.com/ohdhpunk

False Crack – http://www.myspace.com/funxcore


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