Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

Today I attended an advanced screening of the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  It’s directed by Mr. Madonna himself, Guy Ritchie, and stars Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.

The screening was presented by KUMU, a well known but boring radio station in Honolulu.  They are one of those quiet, non-offensive, “while at work” stations.  In a way, I guess that’s better than some annoying, loud, “in yo face” content-less, corporate force feeding radio station.  I hate radio but I digress…

There were opportunities to win some prizes if you were able to answer some Robert Downey Jr trivia.  It was lame though, the questions weren’t even challenging.  Tonight I heard the trivia question: “What was Robert Downey Jr’s father’s name?”  So lame.  What would’ve made it fun and challenging is if the trivia questions were all based on Robert Downey Jr’s substance abuse.  Imagine if you heard this at a family screening:

“Alright folks, I’ll give away a free t-shirt to the first kid that can tell me the type of gun Robert Downey Jr had with him the first time he was arrested for possession of heroin in 1996.  That’s right Jimmy, it was a .357-caliber Magnum.  Everybody give Jimmy a hand.”

The movie itself was pretty cool.  There were a few Scooby Doo moments where Sherlock would brag about how he figured something out.  That’s a lil’ cheeseball for me but I felt it stayed true to the original fictional character by Arthur Conan Doyle.  I felt the role of Irene Adler was tastefully played by Rachel McAdams.  I believe many other actresses in that role would’ve “over-done it” by trying to be an overconfident, “I’m hot and I know it” bitch.  The only issue I have with Rachel McAdams is that whenever I see her in a movie for the first time, I spend 5 minutes convincing myself that she’s not Jennifer Garner.  Is that just me?

Overall my favorite in this film was Jude Law as Watson.  Perhaps his portrayal wasn’t as close to the literary character, but screw it, you can’t always follow the books.  Watson wasn’t a boorish, pudgy sidekick as he’s usually portrayed.  In this film, the character had a lot of self-conflict, revealing a hidden twisted side and a chemistry with Holmes that is unmatched by any “hero & sidekick” film on the market.  Well except for Lethal Weapon… and Beverly Hills Cop.

Sherlock Holmes, 2009


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