G4 edits “Swingers”… badly

Due to my recent obsession with digital cable, I scrolled through the “guide” feature to DVR some movies.  I noticed Swingers was playing on G4, so I immediately scheduled to record that bad boy.  In case you’re not familiar with G4, they are a channel originally geared towards males that are devoted to the world of video games, also known as G4 TV.  The reason why I use “originally” is because they have gone through a controversial format change in the recent years.  Rather than being a channel that was wall-to-wall games, they expanded the target demographic in making it a life-style channel.  I guess it worked because they have me viewing it now as opposed to my wife  previously telling me to change the channel because I don’t play video games.

Specifically, I like to check out G4‘s Movies That Don’t Suck.  It’s in this feature, where I was acquainted with an old favorite flick, Swingers. It’s a movie about single, unemployed actors living in Los Angeles during the 1990’s swing revival.  I admit, I was guilty of partaking in the neo-swinger action, putting Pomade in my hair and wearing wing-tipped shoes.

The movie started off great.  I enjoyed the smooth dialogue between Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn however I quickly noticed the censorship as Trent attempts to convince Mike to go to Vegas.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand why movies on TV are censored, but for me, it can really take away from the movie.  I like whiskey and punk rock and I can appreciate an actor using curse words like poetry.  Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn are those types of actors.  Hearing them swear is like being swaddled in a warm blanket by a loving mother.  Like I said though, I understand why movies get censored for TV so I continued to watch the flick.

What really upset me is when networks cut scenes from movies, just to make sure it fits into their perfect little time slot.  I dunno, that just seems wrong to me.  Would you cut lines from Shakespeare just to make sure it fits onto a page?  Fuck no, so why do it with movies?

There were probably more scenes but there were 2 that I’d like to mention because I’m a big fan of these and it hurts to seem them cut out.

Swingers "Reservoir Dogs" Scene

After the guys play some cards they decide to check out that modeling party up in the hills.  Then movie goes into one of its many pop culture references and uses a slow motion sequence as a tribute to Reservoir Dogs.  The G4 version of the movie immediately cuts to the party scene.  Wrong!

What got cut was the scene where the guys hop into their individual cars and start a caravan to the party.  I admit, it’s not a crucial piece of the film, but it shows how ridiculous some people in LA can be when it comes to appearance.  Like it’s a shame for a bunch of dudes to carpool or something.  Not to mention a great song gets cut in the process, Pick up the Pieces.

The second scene that was sinfully cut was when the guys take the kitchen entrance into The Derby.  Besides paying tribute to another pop culture reference, Goodfellas, it confirms the cool factor of Trent’s character in the bar world.

I know it’s easy for me to say this so I will.  If the movie and its commercials don’t fit the time slot, cut the commercials dammit.  The network should just charge more for the remaining commercial slots to make up for the money lost.  I think it’s easy to forget the art in film-making and networks should show more care when handling them.

Patrick Van Horn, Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Ron Livingston, Alex Désert

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