Ike Turner, Joseph Jackson or David Ruffin?

Who was portrayed as the biggest asshole in their respective bio-films?

I’m instantly glued to the television if vh1 plays What’s Love Got to Do with It, The Temptations miniseries, or The Jacksons: An American Dream miniseries.  I ask myself why am I addicted to all 3 films.  The answer was simple… each film has a colossal asshole that you love to hate.  Laurence Fishburne as Ike Turner, Leon Robinson as David Ruffin and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Joseph Jackson.

Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne as "Ike & Tina"

Laurence Fishburne turned down the role of Ike Turner 5 times before accepting it once discovering Angela Bassett accepted the role of Tina turner.  Originally Fishburne did not want to portray someone so cruel.  Charlie Murphy was eager to play the bastard on film but was not chosen.  Tough break Charlie, maybe you’ll get cast in a movie about Rick James.  Scenes of Ike beating and raping Tina were reported to have tremendously damaged the reputation of Ike Turner.  In his autobiography, Taking Back My Name, Ike Turner denies majority of the beating, raping and gun-flashing.  But then again… who the hell WOULD admit to all of that?

Leon Robinson as David Ruffin

The miniseries, The Temptations, not only collected an Emmy but also lawsuits for defamation of character by the family of David Ruffin.  Due to the suit, vh1’s version of the miniseries has omitted some of the scenes from its original airing on NBC.  One of the scenes involved belligerent behavior by Ruffin at picnic due to him being under the influence of drugs and his ego.  Luckily, remaining scenes of drug use, show crashing, and manhandling keep David Ruffin’s portrayal as a dude you love to hate.

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Joseph Jackson

Minus the lawsuits, The Jacksons: An American Dream had similar result to that of The Temptations, winning 3 Emmy Awards.  However, out of all three films, this one has the most inconsistencies.  I mean, they got Michael Jackson’s year of birth wrong.  How the hell do you mess something like that up?  Luckily, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs’ performance of Joseph Jackson was very consistent with Katherine Jackson’s autobiography, My Family, on which the movie was based.  Joe Jackson’s abuse, both physical and mental, coupled with his adulterous behavior locks him in as a staple asshole in Motown history.

Personally, I’d like to see all three fight.  We all know that Ike Turner knows how to smack a bitch but from the scene where the Jacksons get mugged outside of a nightclub, I know Joe Jackson can take a beating.  David Ruffin would probably dance around the two until both were tired.  Ruffin would then have his driver beat the two of them down and name the fight: David Ruffin and the Motown Assholes.



  1. Speaking of Rick James, it would be the fight of the century if Rick was involved. And James Brown. I think I’d pick Joe Jackson out of all of them, because he seems like he’d fight the dirtiest. He’d probably stab them all in the back. He’d do it to his own family, why not them?

  2. I don’t know about Ruffin & Jackson, but I went to see the movie with Turner just to see what Tina had to say. You see, I worked for them both before the breakup & all I can say is that if you believe everything you see on TV, you’re a bigger pervert than those being portrayed. I will leave it at this: Ike was a wonderful individual just as Tina is !

    • Thanks for the comment. This is one of my most viewed entries on my blog.

      I would love to hear more about your experience working w/ Ike & Tina.

      I don’t know about being a pervert but I am actually easily influenced by media. When I watch these movies based on real people, I have fun believing 100% of what I see. I guess it makes the film more fun for me. As I can imagine, that’s not so fun so the actual people involved.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  3. You are so right but maybe you are missing Jamie foxx from Dreamgirls he could somewhat fit into thi category.

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