Mayor Frank F. Fasi: The Chuck Norris of Politics

Frank F. Fasi, courtesy of

In my youth, there were two politicians I easily recognized and remembered.  One was President Ronald Regan and the other was Mayor Frank F. Fasi.  With the heavy campaigning every election year, you couldn’t help but see Fasi’s yellow and black signs everywhere and his commercials where he’s driving a bus.  Remember when Mike Tyson was the heavy weight boxing champ of the world?  You thought that he was unstoppable and could never be beat right?  Well, that’s the way I used to think of Mayor Fasi.

As I continued to grow up in Hawaii, I watched Fasi lose elections when running for Governor.  I never thought any less of him when he lost.  It like when Hulk Hogan used to lose his championship once in a while.  Nobody ever thought Hulk Hogan sucked.  Well, until he started battling the Ultimate Warrior… but that’s a separate blog all together.  My point is that even when Fasi lost an election, I would just be excited for his come back.  All he needed was an 80’s montage and a new campaign party, and he’d be back in the game before you knew it.

Frank F. Fasi lost battles but he never lost the war… not the way he saw it.  He was a guy with brass balls.  He’s the type of guy that would say “Fuck me? Oh no, fuck YOU pal!”  Of course he never said it like that, but you could see it in his actions.

Whether you love him or hated him, we all miss him.  I bet right now, he’s starting with own political party in heaven, with a campaign platform for more gold fountains.  The Los Angeles Times even mentioned his passing and rightfully so… he’s a legend!  If you wanna learn the specifics of his life and career, go visit Hawaii’s newspaper sites.  This blog is strictly about how Fasi is a badass.

I know there’s already a municipal building and a civic center named after the guy but that’s not enough.  Here’s some ways that I thought of to REALLY pay tribute to the ultimate mayor:

– Most obvious would be to create a political party called the “Fasi Party.”
– All license plates of The Bus should be labeled “Fasi 1,” “Fasi 2,” “Fasi 3,” etc.
– Fasi should have his own tree at Honolulu City Lights.  No lights or ornaments because he “kept it real.”
– When entering a Satellite City Hall, there should be a motion detector that plays a screeching 8 second guitar solo that ends with “Fa-si.”

Frank F. Fasi, courtesy of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin archives

RIP Fasi


One comment

  1. Reagan and Fasi were very recognizable figures for me as well.

    Have you ever seen the videos compilations of Ultimate Warrior talking gibberish to Hogan? Classic stuff, brother!

    Great point about Fasi never really losing. I felt the same way. I always knew he’d be back. For awhile, it felt like he’d be around forever.

    Fuck yeah. Fasi hated being one-upped.

    Totally agree with you on the license plates. Every time I get on one of Fasi’s limos I can’t help but think about Uncle Frank.

    I wanna hear Ronnie James Dio screaming Faaaaaaaasiiiiii! @ the Satellite City Halls.

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