TV/Movie Bands You Wish Were Real

Z02, courtesy of IFC

As I wait for new seasons of Bored to Death, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Whitest Kids U’ Know, I decided to explore some other shows I may fall in love with.  To my good fortune, I did find another series that proves to be a jewel in my collection.  Z Rock is a comedy series on IFC (Independent Film Channel) based on the premise of rock band that plays typical club gigs at night but by day, they play at kiddie parties.  By day the band is known as the Z Brothers and by night, they are known as Z02.

Being a musician myself, I’m quick to find phonies on TV.  Phonies, meaning actors pretending to be musicians.  My most recent of findings belonged to SNL with their Sergio sketch.  The sax player whaled a solo without a reed on his mouthpiece, which defies the laws of physics.  He also sprang out full grown of a woman’s vagina, but that’s a whole other issue.  These Z Rock characters played the musician roles pretty well so I decided to read up on these actors.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Brooklyn based trio was a real band and the show is based on the dichotomy of their real music career.  Awesome surprises like this don’t happen everyday.  Imagine if you could wish any band you saw on TV or the big screen to be a real band.  I did some wishing of my own and came up with these hopeful acts.

Crucial Taunt
Crucial Taunt

Crucial Taunt
They were the band of Cassandra, the love interest in Wayne’s World 1 & 2, played by Tia Carrere.  The big screen rock band captured the hearts of heavy metal teens in the early 90’s with their renditions of Ballroom Blitz and Why You Wanna Break My Heart. At the 2009 Hawaii Music Awards, I ran into Tia Carrere and asked her if she ever entertained the thought of doing a Crucial Taunt tour.  She told me that she wasn’t really a bass player and only learned the 3 or 4 songs for the movie.  If she can learn 3 or 4 songs… why not learn 10 or 12?  I’ll keep hoping.

Troy & Abed from NBC's "Community"

Abed & Troy
Okay, they’re not really a band but these guys do a mean Español rap in the NBC comedy, Community.  The two characters, played by Danni Pudi and Donald Glover, have reached Funny or Die fame with their Spanish rap titled La Biblioteca. Sure the duo has only one track so far, but I could handle a live version being performed a few times in a row.  Tour baby… tour!

The Titanic... sinking

String Quartet in Titanic
You know which guys I’m talking about.  In the film Titanic, a string quartet sits on the deck of the ship as it slowly sinks into the cold Atlantic.  Being sure of death, the quartet plays Nearer, My God, to Thee rather than attempting to seek out a life boat.  The actors themselves were probably musicians but I doubt the 4 of them still perform together to this day.  Although, I’ve been known to be proven wrong before.  What would be cool is to see the guys play a few songs on a platform above a large tank of water.  As they play each song, the platform gets lower and lower until they are slowly dipped into the tank.  Think about it… what a show!  They could tour aquatic parks all over the globe.

With the sorta reality of The Monkees, I’d say anything is possible with enough demand.  If you wanna see something on TV or the big screen come to life, demand it into fruition!

The Monkees

One comment

  1. Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang
    Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem feat. Animal on the skins.
    the Slipnuts and Dudez-A-Plenti from Late Night With Conan.
    Zack Attack & the Five Aces from Saved By the Bell.
    the Sound Committee feat. Opie Taylor on guitar from Andy Griffith.
    the Banana Convention from Brady Bunch (Fuck Johnny Bravo!)
    Fingerbang from South Park.
    Scrantonicity from the Office.
    Ted’s acapella group The Blanks from Scrubs.
    The list goes on and on. And I’ve been thinking about it for like an hour plus now, so I should leave. Thanks for the memories, buddy!

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