Tron Legacy – A Sequel with Integrity?

I was checking my blog stats and noticed a recent spike in visits to my post titled “Questions about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” The blog post is now 2 months old so I wondered why the increased amount of hits all of a sudden?  I did my daily perusal of global trending topics on twitter and noticed Tron Legacy trailer.  Then it hit me!

In my aforementioned blog post I mentioned that Dan Shor, who played Billy the Kid in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, also played Ram in Tron.  Because the trailer of the sequel is currently being played before Alice in Wonderland 3-D, Tron is a popular search topic and so my blog entry must be popping up in various Tron-related search results.  Ta-da!  Case solved.

Tron, 1982

In acknowledgment and appreciation of these recent hits to my blog (intentional or not), I thought it would be cool to spout a few thoughts after viewing the Tron Legacy trailer.

Tron Legacy, 2010

First off, I give props to the current title, which is waaaaay better than the original title proposed at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con: “TR2N.”  I mean, how the hell do you begin pronouncing that crap?  The logo looked a little bit cooler but still… dumb.

2008 logo for "TR2N"

Tron Legacy sounds bad ass and it properly represents the sequels story-line.  Garrett Hedlund plays Sam Flynn, in his quest to find his father, Kevin Flynn, in the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where the original film took place.  Jeff Bridges comes back to play Kevin Flynn, who has been living in that crude digital world for the last 25 years.  The fact that Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprise their original roles already give the sequel some instant credibility. Having the original cast touch the sequel in some always juices it up a bit.  Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes and its immediate sequel, as well as Roy Scheider in Jaws 1 & 2 are excellent examples.

The new film also pays tribute to the ancient arcade video game, which I can also respect.  Other elements that I enjoy so far is that the costume hasn’t seemed to change much, along with the appearance of  light cycles and the identity disk (yeah, remember the old spelling of disk?).  One thing I do miss from the original that is lacking from the sequel trailer is the neon graph paper grid on which the digital world exists.  The film comes out in December 2010 so maybe there’s still time to lay it in.

If I could make another suggestion, it would be to give a small role in the film to the “Tron Guy” who was given a Tosh.0 Web Redemption on Comedy Central.  Like I said, it wouldn’t have to be a huge role.  Maybe he could be the light cycle valet guy at a high class digital bistro where Kevin Flynn catches up with his son… I dunno.

Tron Guy

Tron Legacy is indicative of more than just the premise of this sequel.  It represents the fact that this film was a father to a wave of digital nerds everywhere and we can finally put down our light sabers and phasers to unite under one ancient digital tent… in 3-D of course.



  1. All that is true. Is it me or are all these movie company’s just remaking or creating sequels to older movies that were a big hit? I mean come on they’re coming out with toy story 3, when toy story 2 came out about 10 years ago.

  2. Tron is a GenX-Geek movie. While everyone else was lining up for ET or Gremlins, the SciFi fans were seeing the real impact of Tron across SciFi and every other movie property.

    Tron was the movie that helped inspire John Lassater… and also helped get him fired from Disney…

  3. Tron kicks ass, seeing the latest trailer was the best part of suffering through Alice in Wonderland. Can’t freakin’ wait and Tron Guy better get that cameo.

  4. Hubby and son are HUGE Tron fans. Not so much me, but, I’m a huge movie theater popcorn fan, so maybe/might go see it.


  5. If I remember correctly, the original TRON was the first movie to inspire a video game. Since then, we have come full-circle with video games prompting the creation of movies.

    Strange world we live in.

    P.S. I totally want one of those cycle racers!

  6. […] of his bigger blog successes came from watching the trailer to the Tron sequel, and writing “Tron Legacy – A Sequel with Integrity?” which compared what he saw in the trailer to the original film. The day he posted it, it got 1,014 […]

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