Interview w/ “Tron Guy”

DIY – Do it yourself.  It’s a mantra of punk rockers everywhere that preaches the practice of not relying on commercialism or norms of society for the method of building or repairing in various projects.  It also stems from the popular saying, “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.”

A man in Minnesota thought the same thing when creating a costume inspired from the 1982 Disney film, Tron.  His name is Jay Maynard and he is known as, “Tron Guy.”

Jay Maynard, "Tron Guy"

Maynard has sported his popular self-made costume on several national programs such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and tosh.0 as well as the popular music video “We Are the Web” to advocate the concept of network neutrality.  He has even been parodied in the South Park episode: Canada on Strike.  Despite becoming an internet celebrity, he has remained humble; maintaining an approachable rapport which his loyal fan base (which includes me).

I drummed up a few questions for the by-day computer consultant and he was so gracious as to answer them…

First off, have you ever been to Hawaii?

I’ve never been there and would love to. My uncle, a surfer you’ve probably never heard of by the name of Ken Bradshaw, owns a house off Waimea Bay, and I’ve been meaning to get out there for 25 years or so to see it…

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that you should’ve been given some sort of role in the new Tron sequel due to your efforts in bringing so much attention to the original movie.  Has anyone from Disney contacted you?

Not at all, for anything at all having to do with the movie, either appearing in it or promoting it.

If you could choose any role to play in this upcoming Tron sequel, which role would it be?

I’d be thrilled to play anything at all, though I’d prefer to appear as a program inside the computer.

The Tron costume is pretty revealing to your body shape.  Did you feel pressured to put more effort into getting fit as the opportunity for more national appearances came your way?

I’m sure others would have preferred that I do that, but I’ve never been particularly uncomfortable about my body.  After all, I look just as overweight in a T-shirt and jeans…

Has the fame of being the “Tron Guy” affected your computer consulting business?

Not appreciably. It did help landing my last real job, but the consulting work hasn’t really gone up or down because of it.

I saw pictures of your plane on… very nice.  Are you saving up for any other big toys?  A boat perhaps?

I wish I could, but the economy has wiped me out. I no longer own the airplane, either, and have been trying hard just to stay afloat (so to speak).

You’ve created other successful costumes over the years besides your signature tron costume (i.e. General Xinchub).  Can you give the world any hints on what your next home-made costume will be?

I haven’t come up with one for myself, so I have no hints to pass out. Sorry…

Thanks again to “Tron Guy,” Jay Maynard for answering my questions.  For more “Tron Guy” info, please visit the following links:
Jay Maynard’s Live Journal


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