Conan O’Brien is TBS bound

As a loyal member of Team CoCo, I have been boycotting The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Actually, I watched about 5 minutes of Leno last week but that was only because I left the TV on and I was in the middle of changing my daughter’s diaper.  After those five minutes though, I wanted to puke… and that wasn’t because of the poop filled diaper.

Rest assured, late night television will be watchable again, come November, as Conan O’Brien sits at his new desk at TBS.  There’s no doubt that this comes as a surprise to many that expected to see Conando on Fox.  Personally, whether it was gonna be FOX, TBS, Adult Swim, Natgeo, Nick Jr, etc… I didn’t really care.  I’ve got digital cable and I’ll DVR that shiz.

Conan O'Brien as "Conando"

The only disappointment about the move to basic cable is that there won’t be the head to head network battle between O’Brien, Leno and Letterman.  I think there was a lot of us that just wanted to see some bloodshed in the rating as soon as Conan was allowed back on the air (September ’10).  Plus the fact that TBS late night is reeking of George Lopez right now is kinda disappointing too.  The Hispanic hero of comedy will be pushing his show one hour back to give O’Brien the TBS 11:00pm time slot.

I have read any reports on what Lopez’s reaction to his new playmate at TBS but really, the man should be so lucky to catch any type of run off from Conan.  There’s something about The George Lopez Show that gives off an Arsenio vibe… I can’t put my finger on it.



  1. You know what’s funny is that George Lopez commented on the Conan/NBC war a few months back. The line went something like, “Stop crying! You’re getting $11million to stay home!”

    Poetic justice.

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