KFC Double Down = Double Heart Attack?

Today is a historic day in KFC history.  Fast food gobblers nationwide can now order KFC’s first bunless chicken sandwich.  Ladies and gentlemen… KFC’s Double Down.

KFC Double Down

Meat, sauce, meat, cheese, sauce, meat.

This is probably one of the biggest middle fingers to vegetarians.  Is it all that surprising though?  With the carbohydrate scare that the popular Atkins diet introduced, it was only a matter of time before we as a society eliminate bread completely in our diet.  We went from buns, to wraps, to chicken fillets.  I’m disappointed that there wasn’t a bacon-made wrap somewhere in that evolution.

Will the new super meat entree kill you?  I guess it depends on whatever else you choose to eat that day.  A single Double Down packs about 60% of a normal day’s maximum sodium intake.  As far as calories go, you wanna look at it like a Big Mac.  If you wanna feel a little less guilty, go with the grilled chicken fillet instead of its fried counterpart photographed above.  It’ll probably save you an extra napkin or two.



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