Beer helping milk production? I’m in!

I usually try to address broad, nation-wide topics in my blog so that all of America can partake in the joy that is ferN dawg’s Blog.  However I had such a positive experience at my favorite liquor store, I immediately decided to blog about it and snapped a few pics from my experience.  I apologize for the quality of the pics, my hands are shaky before I get a beer or cocktail in me.

The Liquor Collection - 1050 Ala Moana Blvd

Yes, The Liquor Collection is in Honolulu but keep in mind future tourists, it’s just a short trolley/cab ride from Waikiki.  I encourage residents and visitors alike to at least check this place out once.  I’m warning you though, it may ruin all other future liquor store experiences.

First view when walking in. Pretty lights.

This isn’t your normal liquor store where you can grab a dusty bag of potato chips and a hand grenade shaped lighter.  Although, they could probably order those for you if you wanted.  This fine place of business is a purveyor of beer, wine, hard alcohol, and cigars.  Just writing that last sentence made me grow 3 extra hairs on my chest.


The Liquor Collection houses a knowledgeable staff to help you pick your spirit of choice.  If they sell you a bottle of wine that has gone bad, you can bring it right back.

The Hard Stuff

From coconut flavored rum to absinthe, this store covers all the shelves of hard liquor that you could think of and they can order them if they don’t.

Okay, time to reveal the true reason for my visit to the store that day.  As you may or may not know, my wife and I have a baby girl and my wife had read somewhere that drinking beer can help boost milk production when breastfeeding.  It was finally the perfect excuse to go out and buy beer.  Buy going out to buy beer, I was being a caring husband AND responsible father… who would’ve thought?

I explained the purpose of my visit to Art, an uber knowledgeable member of the staff.  He immediately knew what I was talking about and led me to favorite part of the store… the beer section!


Ales, lagers, stouts, you name it and the country that makes it and they got it.  You can create your own 6 pack of different brews and you get a discount.  You thought beer was fun to drink when you were slamming a cube of PBR’s?  Well, it still is, but this is fun too!

It was in this section where Art showed me this milk based stout that’s imported from Japan that husbands everywhere are supposedly fetching for their lactating wives.

So far, my wife hasn’t reported more than usual milk production.  But if she keeps drinking ’em, I’ll keep on buying ’em.

By the way, we also had DiGiorno’s pizza that night and it was just delicious.  Seriously.

DiGiorno's Pizza... it's what angels eat.


  1. Beer or red wine is supposed to work. A combination of relaxing the mommy and the goodness we already know those beverages possess. But just, like, one a day. Otherwise you gotta pump and dump. You (not you, you, but you) can also drink the milk thistle tea, but it’s not nearly as tasty or fun.

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