Is the new Robin Hood movie just Gladiator 2?

TNT played Gladiator as their “Movie at 9” this past Friday and not a moment too soon.  A perfect strategy in promotion, to water the seeds planted in the minds of recent theater audiences of Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Repo Men and Clash of the Titans who saw the trailer of Russell Crowe in the new Robin Hood movie.  That is, unless they were sent out on a late refreshment mission by their dates.  For everybody else, it’s a reminder of Crowe playing one of the most popular  everyman-type heroes since Braveheart.

Robin Hood in Theaters May 14, 2010

But is the new Robin Hood movie just another way of saying “Gladiator 2: Bow and Arrow?”  There were talks of a prequel to Gladiator, which makes sense because Crowe’s character dies at the end of the film.  Sorry if I gave the ending away but really, you should have seen the 2000 release by now.  A rejected script surfaced in 2009 which indicated that the popular gladiator would be re-incarnated by Roman gods, who would transport him to different periods in time and would eventually end up in a position at the Pentagon.  It sounds like Quantum Leap on acid.

In the new Robin Hood movie Crowe’s character (Sir Robin) returns home after a war, only to find matters in a state of unrest.  He must then fight tyranny and corruption in the pursuit of justice.  Sound familiar so far?  Yep, sounds like Gladiator to me.

In all honesty, as long as Bryan Adams stays the hell away from the soundtrack and Sir Robin doesn’t find a time machine to end up at the Pentagon, this blogger promises not to shoot himself.

Personally if audiences want the tale of Robin Hood so bad, I vote for Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights to make a run back into theaters.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)


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