Cancer’s newest victim – RIP Guru

To fans of the innovative blend of hip hop and swing jazz in the early 90’s, the name Gang Starr was common knowledge.  The group had started out with a rotating roster of east coast talent, however the most notable line-up consisted of MC Guru and DJ Premier.  The hopes of a Gang Starr reunion were dashed to pieces yesterday as Guru lost his year long battle with cancer.

Guru, 1966-2010

As the world mourns the loss of the Massachusetts born rapper/producer, we are reminded of other cancer victims close to us that were claimed by the incurable disease.  Media is keeping a close eye on these other celebrities who appear to be approaching the end of their losing battle cancer.

Dennis Hopper

73 year old, Dennis Hopper is currently weighing in at just over 100 lbs as he battles prostate cancer.  The terminally ill actor received the 2,403rd star along Hollywood Blvd last month.  It’s evident that Hollywood  is taking this precious time to savor the Oscar nominee while he is still with us.

Laverne & Shirley star, Penny Marshall is also reported to have cancer that started in her liver and has spread to other parts of her body.  However majority of the online reports stem from the Enquirer so hopefully, details of her illness have been exaggerated.


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