Walter, the new Muppet

On April 22nd, it was announced that Disney has given the go-ahead on a new Muppet movie.  The human lead in the film will be Jason Segel, who has been working on the script since 2008.  His fascination with the famous plush characters of the puppet world became apparent in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he created a puppet-based vampire musical.  Hopefully mentioning that film brings back memories of seeing Segel’s small flacid penis in an early scene.  Yes, I just mentioned “penis” and “Muppet” in the same blog entry.

Jason Segel in the new Muppet Movie

According to Muppet forums, the new film is supposed to be about a puppet who wishes to become a Muppet.  It’s sort of like a Pinocchio kind of deal and the puppet’s name is Walter.  Thus far, there is not much information on the new Muppet’s appearance besides being a brown ambiguous character.  The same could be said of most bank robbers.  Zing!

Based on the premise of the film, it’s understandable to reveal a new character however I dare ask if we need a new Muppet.  If you look at the roster of retired Sesame Street characters, there are so many that could potentially make a smash comeback.  Not to mention the already large core of characters that already exist in the Muppet films.

Which retired character would I bring back?  I’m glad you asked…

Harvey Kneeslapper

Harvey Kneeslapper was a practical joker, first appearing in episode 288 (1971) of Sesame Street.  Due to mixed public reactions and his laugh being to hard on Frank Oz’s throat, he was dropped from the show.  However Kneeslapper’s sketches were replayed in various episodes up until season 32 (2001).  There’s still hope of the turtle-necked prankster returning though, as he made a cameo appearance on the show this year as he slapped a “7” on Wolfgang the Seal’s beach ball.


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