New Season of Food Party on IFC

IFC served up 2 new back-to-back episodes of Food Party this past Tuesday. The double dose of hallucinogenic cooking in a world of puppetry was the first of many, as the show unleashed 20 new episodes this season. As a fan of the show, I wanted to do my part in promoting the new season by interviewing Food Party‘s host Thu Tran on my blog. Unfortunately, she declined an interview but needless to say I viewed the new episodes, regardless.

After the season premiere I called my very good friend, John Waihe’e IV from the comedy troupe “Chocolate Squirrel” to meet me at a local Irish bar and discuss the episodes. John introduced me to Food Party so I was very interested to hear his thoughts on the new season.

Generally on all counts, we agreed that the story in both episodes were great and were creative as usual. However we noticed some changes from the earlier season that had us a little worried.

It’s pretty obvious that the budget for this season has increased. One of the early scenes of the evening proved it by showing larger sets.

Scene from episode 201: THU HAS A NORMAL DAY

However it’s not the larger sets that bothered us.  It’s just that the shows charm is its do-it-yourself (DIY) look and feel.  Although the recipes aren’t realistic, viewers feel close to the show because with its low budget, campy effects.  The show gives a person the feeling of “well, I could put on this kind of show… but I’m not… but damn, that’s creative.”  Some of the examples below are showing how the show is losing its DIY quality.

Fancy digital swipes between scenes
Superimposed diving Thu

Don’t get me wrong, I love the show.  I just don’t want the show to evolve into having CGI characters to replace puppets and have the cardboard set replaced by a green screen.

I don’t want this post to end on a negative note so lemme say that I was glad to see episode 202: PBJ Love – a continuation of an episode from the earlier season.  I got to see my favorite character, Peanut Butter Jerry.

Grape Jenny & Peanut Butter Jerry

Another new favorite character for me is Ninja Dog.  His dramatic pauses kill me!

Thu Tran & Ninja Dog

I’m not sure how I feel about Randy Ranch… he just looks like some dude from The Matrix.

Randy Ranch

Upcoming episodes of this new season of Food Party promises to bring back other familiar characters such as The Devil, Perv Corn and Ice Cream Cone while introducing more new characters with such names as Egg Wizard and King of the Universe just to name a few.


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