Me vs Arm Hair

I’m 50% Spanish and 25% Portuguese.  The odds of me being a hairy bastard was in the cards for me from the very beginning.  Having hair on your arms and chest while rocking a heavy 5 o’clock shadow isn’t much of an oddity… unless you live in Hawaii.  Growing up has a hairy dude in Hawaii means you’ll be teased and laughed at by the abundance of the smooth-skinned Asians and Polynesians that dwell on this rock.

In the past few years, I’ve been having my arms waxed about every other month because I have tattoos on my arms and it’s a shame is they’re covered up with hair.  However with the birth of a new child, I have decided to make budget cuts in my vanity and just shave my arms instead.  I didn’t wanna just let the hair grow because I didn’t wanna let loose curly arm hair all over my baby, plus the stubble growth must be really uncomfortable for a baby to rub against.

My current arm stubble.

As you read the last paragraph, you probably already have old wives tales about plucking or shaving hair swirling around in your head.  Rather than addressing each one, I’ll tell you that they’re all false and you can check it out yourself:

Thick Talk

Simply Hair Removal

Which Old Wives Tales, Myths & Hoaxes Are Fact or Fiction

Shaving kinda worked at first but the maintenance of shaving my arms is becoming such a pain.  One thing I learned is that because the hair is thick and there a lot of surface area, the razors dull pretty quickly.  Another thing I learned is that you really gotta be careful when using a new razor because I’ve tried to do a quick arm shave before dinner and ended up cutting my wrists and knuckles.

I’ve decided to commit to the time-consuming practice of plucking using the tweezer from my swiss army knife.  It should slow down growth considerably and may even damage some follicles, preventing future growth.  So far, I’ve done my left wrist.  Considering that took me about 2 hours, it’ll probably take me a month to do both arms.

Wish me luck!

My plucked arm hair on a tissue.


  1. Man, that swiss army knife is your total hair grooming tool!!! I remember when you were giving yourself the never-ending haircut with the scissors on that thing. 🙂

    Lots of luck!

  2. Those are the best tweezers you have, or you decided to make an already time-consuming task even more tedious, or you needed to “butch up” the feminine task of hair removal? in any case, best of luck.

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