Seasoning Packet Art

I took my family to our favorite local grocery store yesterday and with us being mixed in heritage, we found ourselves in the “ethnic foods” isle.  I don’t cook so I usually don’t pay attention to potential meal ingredients.  However when I glanced at the “seasoning mix” shelf, the color packets from NOH caught my eye.  They make seasoning mixes for popular Asian and Hawaiian dishes.  There were a few packets that featured illustrations of the culture of the dish, rather than a photo of the dish itself.  I swear, if they were bigger, I’d hang them up as art in my own home… in areas that my wife would give me permission to anyway.

Enjoy in what I feel is art.  A few of these images were taken with my Google myTouch phone and there were some that I found at their website.

Vinha d' Alhos Mix
Adobo Mix
Roast Duck Mix
Haupia Pudding Mix
Coconut Milk Mix


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