Before Lost, there was… Danger Island

Lost (2004 - 2010)

Television viewers recently said farewell to the popular series Lost after 6 successful seasons.  Loyal fans of the show may be saddened and others may be just starting to get into the DVD seasons as we speak.  Regardless, one can be almost sure of a revival of the “cast away” theme if you look at television’s programming history over the last 40 or so years.

Gilligan's Island (1964-1967)

Gilligan’s Island (1964) still rivals the popularity of Lost to this day and was in regular syndication in the US til 2004.

Swiss Family Robinson, starring Martin Milner

In 1975 Swiss Family Robinson, an American television series based on the 1812 novel, made a run to fulfill the viewers’ craving of juicy cast away action.

Poster for Danger Island's alternate title, "The Presence"

Then in 1992, gold was struck in the world of made for TV movies.  Danger Island, starring Kathy Ireland, gave the classic cast away scenario a modern edge by incorporating radiation from biological weapons and mysterious mutants.  I mean really, this paved the way for Lost.  You cannot deny this!

Then in 2004 came Lost and it featured a hobbit, a fat guy and the dude from Party of Five and blah, blah, blah… nobody cares.


DVDs of all these programs mentioned above will keep any normal viewer occupied until the next cast away themed show rears it’s shipwrecked, seaweed covered head.  Enjoy.


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  1. I really anticipated something else from the final episode. It left people with more questions. Great blog, I shared this blog with my friends. Hope to hear more from you.

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