Racism in 2010

I’m just curious to hear what everyone’s thoughts are on the items below being racist…

Billy Dee Williams on the inside label of Colt 45

I’m sure some people may argue that Billy Dee Williams on the label of Colt 45 promotes a racial stereotype.  But then again, I feel almost racist for asking if it’s racist.

Billy Dee Williams on the outside label of Colt 45

Another item that disturbs me even more is one of my daughter’s favorite Disney cartoons, “Handy Manny.”

Handy Manny

Handy Manny is a blue collar Hispanic handyman that goes around, making repairs with his magical toolbox.  Does it teach our youth that Hispanic people are to do all the blue collar jobs in the world and not to worry because they love it?  Maybe this one hits me a little harder because of my Latin American background.



  1. WOW, usually I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole, but I’m feeling bold. I shouldn’t be afraid to speak my mind just because I’m part German! 😉

    According to the definitions of racism that I’ve found in online dictionaries, it seems to deal more with a sense of superiority of one race over another. I think this inquiry might be overlapping stereotyping or political correctness with racism.

    I personally think that focusing on the race issue is not helping us to overcome it. There is an abundance of research that shows that race-based welfare programs encourage the rifts they seek to mend. I have always thought that scholarships that are based on race rather than on income or scholastic achievement are destructive and inherently racist. A step in the right direction is to treat everybody equally in your own spheres of influence. Focusing on the issue only encourages it.

    I think its okay and its natural to ‘notice’ that the LA Lakers’ starting line is all Black dudes, or that the guy cutting your grass is Filipino, or that “Manny” is a handyman and is probably intended to be a Latino. Maybe the person who created the cartoon character had completely oblivious intentions? Maybe its a coincidence? Stereotypical situations just happen on their own and its not a crime for them to exist. It ludicrous to insist that everybody be politically correct, because its impossible to meet everyone’s expectations.

    I think that unless a situation is grossly unfair or you know exactly what the other person’s intentions are, then you’re not in a position to judge potential bigotry. As long as you treat everybody with equal love and respect and you fight for that, that’s the best you can do.

    Unity, bro.

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