Is flannel back in today’s fashion?

As a former grunge kid from the 90s, now in my 30’s, I grow more and more fond of the 90s… where my youth once flourished.

Kurt Cobain in a flannel

Over a late night glass of wine, I dove deep into my nostalgia of the alternative laden decade and talked about its fashion trends with my wife.  As fashion trends of yesteryear rears its head from time to time, I joked around and asked out loud when the 90s iconic flannel will make a comeback.  My wife informed me that they already had made a comeback and are well into circulation of today’s fashion.

I respectfully disagree.

I think what sparks this possible fashion debate is the issue of flannel vs plaid.  Once people understand the difference between the two, I think the majority of people out there will agree that flannel is not back in today’s fashion.

Flannel is a soft woven cloth of wool or a blend of wool and cotton or synthetics used for clothing.

Plaid is a cloth with a tartan or checked pattern.

See the difference?  Flannel describes the type of fabric, whereas plaid is more of a description of the pattern on the fabric.

I will fully agree that plaid is currently in fashion, particularly is the rock and hardcore scene where it’s cool to sport a lumberjack-esque beard coupled with a oh so popular plaid cowboy shirt.

Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die

Therefore rather than the 90s flannel making a comeback, perhaps the cowboy shirt has made a comeback?  Which would be which decade?  The 50’s?

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers from the "Roy Rogers Show" (1951)

Your thoughts?



  1. Totally agree. Flannels were different, this plaid/beard business is ick. There are some people still sporting the flannel…I have seen them..and they are weird.

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