I give up

I’m not actually quitting anything but “I give up” is the theme title to a prompt on this website called “Plinky” that I just signed up on.

Whether it’s a job, a band, or relationship, the answer of when’s it okay to quit is universal.

You quit when you’re unhappy and have nothing to lose. When I say “nothing,” I mean something that won’t affect the lives of those close to you. In other words, this pertains mostly to people in their 20s.

I remember my guidance counselor saying not to leave too many jobs because it looks bad on your job history. In my 20s, I’ve never let that stop me. I’ve quit jobs, bands and girlfriends the moment I wasn’t “feeling it.”

Do I regret anything I’ve left or quit on? Not at all because my happiness was at stake and leaving/quitting only caused hardships on myself.

However now in my 30s, I still try to abide by my previous practices of doing what makes me happy but it’s way more complicated. For instance, if I quit a job, I have to think of how it affects my family (insurance benefits, etc). If I were to quit my band (not that I intend to), is there anyone else that would want a 30 something year old dude to jam with?

Therefore I think I have a new answer to when’s it okay to quit. Depends on your age and what you have going on in life. If your decision is affecting people close to you, weigh your options. Although the catalyst to all this is still your happiness.

Perhaps the real answer is to go with your “gut feeling.” Isn’t that where the meaning of life supposed to be?


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