Interview w/ Beer Pong expert from the Jay Leno Show

Last November, I wrote a blog entry called “Beer Pong on the Jay Leno Show?  Really?”

The post looked at the possibility of the primetime show using their Beer Pong Shot of the Week feature as a desperate attempt to get a college audience.  While at the same time ,still giving respect to the skill of beer pong itself.  Keep in mind that this was before the whole Team Coco vs Leno drama.

Well one of the beer pong experts that had his video shown in Jay Leno’s feature commented on my blog.  His name is Andrew Petrollini and he agreed to answer some questions regarding his experience of having his video as the Beer Pong Shot of the Week on the Jay Leno Show.  See his video by clicking here.

Off the drums, Off the piano, Into the cup

How did you find out that you could send in your beer pong video to Jay Leno?  From the show?  Open call on a website?

I first saw that Jay had a Beer pong shot of the week when my parents recorded it to show me. Me and a friend recorded some clips a while back and i had that one so i figured i might as well give it a try. So i started searching NBC’s website for a video submission are and Found one not long after beginning my search.

Were you contacted previous to you Leno airing your video or were you caught by surprise?

I was at work and i got an email on my phone so i checked it because it had at the end. There is a lady that takes care of video submissions and works for Leno’s writers that takes care of getting authorization for videos and things of that sort. i had to fill out a form stating that im signing my video over to NBC. She told me when i was going to air so i was ready for it luckily.

Did you score any free swag from the show?  Free shirt? Coffee mug? Beer?

I did not score anything from them sadly.

How many tries did it take before you nailed that beer pong shot?

it took a little while to set up the shop because i had to angle each cymbal and other things just right. but once i figured out the exact plae to release the ball, it only took a couple minutes of trying to get it

Do you have a specific beer that you like to use when you play beer pong?  Favorite beer to drink?

My brew of choice would defiantly be bud light. i don’t mint playing with Coors either, its nice to change it up every once in awhile

Was that your drum set? Are you in a band?  Is there a band you’d like to mention at this time?

That is my drum set, but sadly im not currently in a band. I would like to play in one but i doubt i could find anyone around here to play the kind of stuff i would like to

Are you an actual fan of Jay Leno or are you Team CoCo?

I like Jay Leno, probably because i am a huge car enthusiast, and he is as well. i have been to a recording of his show and it was pretty cool, Hilary Duff was there :] . I am going to California in a week here and i might stop by again.

Has the fame of having your video on tv changed your life in any way?

Fame, haha. Well, at parties sometimes when i am on the table someone will bring it up. if people start trash talking about who is better and stuff usually the people with me will bring that up. its cool but at the same time it like, OK , you can stop now. haha

Thank you Andrew for reading my blog, commenting and answering some questions for me.  Good luck on your future beer related ventures!


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