Help me name my sandwich

I had a strange craving before heading out to work tonight.  At first I had a bowl of cereal to curb my hunger.  However as I reached for the milk in the fridge, I saw some random items that stuck in my head.  As I munched on my bowl of cereal, the items from the fridge danced about my cranium:  half eaten pepperoni, cheese slices, Chicken McNugget BBQ Sauce.

By the time my bowl of cereal was inside of me, I decided a sandwich will need to be formed in order to harness these hardy ingredients.  Then and only then would my hunger be satisfied.  Pepperoni was sliced, cheese slices were peeled, bbq sauce was poured.  I then stood in awe of my creation… the perfect sandwich.

To call it delicious would be an insult and an understatement.  The justice league of fridge finds cured all my aspects of hunger.  The only problem now is… what do I call it?

Originally I wanted to call it a “Guy on the Couch.”  However thanks to Google, I found out there’s a sandwich of the same name being served at a place called Europe Gyro-Pizza in Ohio.  This creation is too magnificent to share a name with another.  I need your help.

Name my sandwich!


One comment

  1. I used to make similar sandwich but without bbq sauce.. I use mayonnaise and ketchup!
    To name it’s quite difficult…
    Maybe… lonely sandwich 🙂
    Thanks for sharing,

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