Mystery Panty

Last night I went downstairs to the lobby of my apartment building and I was caught off guard for a moment.  No, this time it wasn’t the rats jumping out from the building’s dumpster.  Don’t get me wrong, they still jump out, it just doesn’t really phase me anymore.  What made me double take was what appeared to be a used women’s panty tacked to the building’s bulletin board.

The Mystery Panty of Makiki

I only assume that it’s used because there was no panty packaging to be found in the area.

My immediate thought was that it looks like all my future bulletin postings will have to be online because there’s no way in hell I’m ever touching that bulletin board again.  With the amount of hair on my arms, I can’t risk catching crabs on my wrists.

From a safe distance of 2.8 feet, I was able to see that the pair of knickers were size 10… which means she’ll probably be at a Taco Tuesday somewhere later on.  Keep an eye out for her.


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