This year’s first birthday present…


In 5 days I will be 32.  Yay?  I suppose this year’s birthday is special in the sense that I have to renew my driver’s license. Other than that, whoop dee doo. 
However a coworker of mine realized my celebration of birth is coming up.  She handed me a bright lime green gift bag,only to be bested in brightness by the sun itself.

In the bag, I found the Trader Joe’s treat known as “Belgian Butter Thins.” 

I don’t know much about Trader Joe’s. I just thought they made hippy treats like trail mix and banana chips.

In the realm of cookies, I’m not sure what “thins” are.  Thin cookies I guess? Or crackers?

Either way, I’m amused by the picture on the box.  It looks like it’s was taken in 1964.

I’m very grateful for this gift. I’ll compliment it with some red wine and make an evening of it on Monday.

Cheers everybody!


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