The Beginning of My Memoir

Chapter 1 of my memoir: School Mascots

The year was 1983. I began attending the newest school in Waianae, Hawaii. Leihoku Elementary was the name. Learning was the game. 7 years to be exact. In 1985 there was a student vote for the school’s first mascot. Being 7 at the time, I naturally voted for us to be the Leihoku Unicorns. Sadly, my vote was not heard over the mighty sixth graders. That year, the “Super Bowl Shuffle” took the nation by storm and the eldest students at Leihoku Elemtary were slaves to the trend. And so it was written… we were the Leihoku Bears.

The year… 1990. The place… Waianae Intermediate. With graffiti covering majority of the buildings and half broken benches, it was clear that this school had been around for a while. There was no chance of me voting “unicorn” as a mascot for this institution. We were the Waianae Intermediate Menehunes.

As my voice began to change, so did my school. In 1991 I stepped foot onto the campus of Highlands Intermediate. Formerly known as the “Trojans,” the school changed it’s mascot in March of this year in celebration of their 50th Anniversary. 50 years too long if you ask me… fuck Highlands Intermediate.

Ahem, the year was 1992 and I ascended to the hilltop of Pearl City. As the clouds parted, I realized I was at Pearl City High School. It was the home of the “Chargers.” Charlie the Charger to be exact. Charlie was known at our football games for having a white and purple furry head on top of the body of a petite Asian girl.

As everyone jumped to the Macarena in 1996, I too made a leap of my own to Honolulu and became a “Rainbow Warrior” at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The depiction of the controversial mascot changed over the years and later dropped the “rainbow” in the mascot name to just “Warriors.”

And so this chapter of my memoir ends with disappointment. Never to be a unicorn.

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  1. This post is great! I understand a bit about mascots. I went to a school where throughout elementary all the way until you graduated high school you were a Trojan. Our mascot was Ojan the Trojan. I guess someone thought that was a good name for him.

    Anywho…when we got moved into our “Freshman Academy” (because they were assholes and separated us because they thought we couldn’t handle the pressure), we were deemed the Baby Trojans. It even says that on the yearbook. Talk about awful. The first combined pep rally….yea we had diapers thrown at us.

    So maybe you weren’t a unicorn, but you also didn’t get diapers thrown at you either! 😉

    • Oh geez, that sounds horrible. With a name like, “Baby Trojans,” you’re basically asking for it. Maybe they should’ve found another military rank from that time period instead… like legionnaire or something.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. What is odd about UH is that the football team is the “Warriors” the baseball team is still the “Rainbows”

    My elementary school was the “Christie Cavaliers” but I guess that wasn’t PC because they are now the “Cubs”

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