I Scratched Too Hard

Yesterday my brother in law gave me an iTunes gift card for my birthday.  As you might have read from my previous post, I just got into the whole iTunes thing so I was very excited to redeem my card and start downloading more music, TV shows and movies.

I peeled the card from the cardboard backing.  I was expecting to see my redemption code.  Instead I found another hurdle between me and my downloadable media.  There was a large gray box.  Per the instructions on the card, I was to scratch off the gray coating to obtain my code.  It suggested that I use a coin.  All my coins are in my piggy bank.

What I had was a Steinlager bottle cap.  The bottle cap tore through the gray coating a little too well.  Not only did it scratch the coating… it scratched off the label that contained the code.

I’m screwed.



  1. I have a solution to this problem. I scratched mine off with a quarter WAY too hard. The middle letters/numbers became black and unseeable. I tried to make them out as best as I could, but iTunes said it wasnt vailid. So I walked into the bathroom and made the water burning hot. I clogged the drain, put in some hand soap, stirred it and with hoping luck, dipped in the card. It came out PERFECT afterwards. Nothing happened to the card. Keep the card under water for about 2 minutes. Works for me.

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