Manjit to the Rescue!

This is a follow up to my earlier post about when I Scratched Too Hard when trying to redeem my iTunes gift card.  For those of you who future scratchers of bionic strength, I want you to know that all hope is not lost.  It turns out that it’s somewhat of a common occurrence and so the Apple website has created a workflow to help you get your code back.

I basically just sent a message to iTunes Store Customer Support, giving them additional information.  It seems like they can retrieve your redemption code if you give them your iTunes Gift Card Serial Number, which is at the bottom of the card and not as easy to scratch off.

The site indicated that I would receive a reply from support staff within 48 hours.  For me… with my luck… I waited 96 hours.

The e-mail that I finally received was from a representative named Manjit.  He apologized for the late response and successfully retrieved my redemption code.  He probably isn’t Manjit Singh, the 60 year old strongman from India, but to me he was just as heroic.  Thanks Manjit!

Manjit Singh

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