“Good Luck” is the new “Fuck You”

Think about the last 5 times you’ve heard the phrase “Good Luck” in your conversations.

The odds are that it has been used in a sarcastic tone at least 2 out of 5 times.  As in, “You are actually gonna try ____ ?  Well good luck.”  In this example, “Good Luck” = Fuck you, there’s no way that’s gonna turn out positive.  Fuck you.

Another 2 of those 5 times were probably used in conversation with someone you’re in competition with.  As in “Oh wow, we’re both applying for the same job?  Well it looks like you’re up next.  Good luck.”  In this example, “Good Luck” = Fuck you, I hope you fail in every possible way.  Fuck you.

Then in 1 of those 5 times, it was probably used in a let down.  As in “No I’m sorry, I can’t help you with _______.  But good luck!”  In this example, “Good Luck” = Fuck you, I would never help with that project and I hope it fails.  Fuck the day you were born and fuck you.

So how do we truly wish someone good tidings with fortunate outcomes?  Fuck if I know.  Besides “Good Luck,” this hip Fuck You can take on many forms:

Best of Luck
Looks like you’re doing well
Hey, break a leg
Rock that shit
Go for it
It’s gonna be great

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you think of more… please comment below.  Good luck!


One comment

  1. This is spot on. To further illustrate the author’s argument, I’ll refer to the popular mobile game “Clash Royale” from Supercell. It is a highly contentious 1v1 game where tempers flare regularly. There is an “Emote” option where players can convey different emotions or phrases, one of them being “Good Luck”. When spammed after a heated battle, 99.9% of the time it means “Fuck You.”

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