Morning Breakfast Mashup

I actually wasn’t in an adventurous mood this morning.  All I craved for breakfast was some cereal.  However the cottage cheese that babbled out of my milk carton forced me to seek an alternative for what is said to be the most important meal of the day.  I decided to go with the leftovers route and see what I could mash together.

There was a two day old bowl of kim chee fried rice that had been staring at me whenever I had been recently opening the refrigerator door.  Today was its day to shine.  Not wanting to just eat rice, I resumed my search for compatible leftovers.  I realized my quest had ended when I stumbled upon a tupperware full of Lil Smokies from a dinner with the cast of my sketch comedy show, Red Cup Diaries.

Lil Smokies on Kim Chee Fried Rice

Needless to say, this morning’s breakfast mashup was a success.  Now I just have to remember to go and buy some milk.


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