The Green Hornet movie, a comedy?

Last night I saw The Green Hornet trailer at an advanced screening of The Other Guys.

I saw masks.  I said “sweet!”

I saw the Black Beauty.  I said “hellz yeah!”

Then I saw Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet.  I said “shit.”


Does losing weight and crying in an Adam Sandler movie make you eligible to play one of the most underrated, bad ass superheroes of all time?  Keep in mind, this is the same actor that played a loser mall security guard in Observe and Report.  They should have just offered the part to Paul Blart: Mall Cop star, Kevin James.

I’m not a comic book aficionado though.  Last time I blogged about Iron Man, somebody bit my head off.  So experts (nerds), tell me… is there a strain in the comic book origin or perhaps rare graphic novel that justifies The Green Hornet being a comedy?

Who knows?  If Mr. Mom star, Michael Keaton pulled off a decent Batman… then maybe Rogen won’t ruin The Green Hornet.

Batman star, Michael Keaton, in Mr. Mom (1983)

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