Vagabond Musicians Are Still Out There

In October of 2009, my band played a show in Waikiki.  At the time of the performance, I was the only horn player of the evening.  When I open my trombone case at a bar, I usually attract two types of people: (1) Drunk douche bags that played a type of horn in 7th grade band and feel inclined to tell me all about it and (2) harmonica players.

Out of the two, I prefer the drunk douche bags with their fleeting sense of monetary value which may lead to the sale of a CD.  To see why I hate harmonica players, check out my post – Harmonica Drama.

On this October evening, my trombone was a flame for a unique moth of sorts.  In between songs, this dude came up to me with a slender bag over his shoulder and asked if he could play trumpet on a song.  Trumpet?  Really?  Who goes around carrying a trumpet to a bar?  Apparently, this guy.  He busted out his “axe,” played along with me, did a solo and after the song, he zipped up his bag and disappeared.

In my days of touring I’ve  had similar encounters but they usually entail the visiting horn player asking to sit in for the entire set and then asking to be compensated at the end of the set.  Hence the life of a vagabond musician.  This brand of individual was more of a commodity in the days where live entertainment was prevalent.  The modern day vagabond musician (and I use the term “musician” loosely) is when some granola munching hippie wants to play his hand drum along with a DJ or even worse, an iPod.

Nobody at the show that night knew who this trumpet toting vigilante was but all I can say is, he was a mysterious breathe a fresh air.

Myself and the mysterious trumpet player

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