My Favorite Real Life Superheroes

After hours of browsing videos and links on the internet, I stumbled upon the World Superhero Registry.  Upon agreeing not to use the information on the site for prosecution of these individuals, the site then states its purpose: “to serve as a public forum and resource center for the Real-Life Superhero Community.”

In order to be considered for the registry all would-be do-gooders must meet the criteria of having a costume, proof of heroic deeds, and personal motivation.

With that being said, here are some of my favorite crime fighters that I discovered in my scroll through the registry:

Death's Head Moth

Although he has no known arch enemy, Death’s Head Moth (DHM) can be seen fighting crime in the streets of any region of Virginia.  Also helping the disadvantaged, he works solo or sometimes with his fellow team members in the Great Lakes Heroes Guild.  I’m not sure how effective he is as a superhero but ya gotta admit, those gloves are badass.

Captain Ozone

There are no borders in crusading for justice and Captain Ozone is living proof of that.  Extending the registry to his native Dublin Ireland, this Adam West Batman-looking hero has more similarities to the cartoon hero, Captain Planet.  He asks for everyone’s help in supporting environmental causes.  Yes, even hippies need superheroes too.  If Captain Ozone led a drum circle, that would be the one time I’d be tempted to join in.


You get it?  It rhymes with Super Mario!  Technically listed in the registry as a social activist rather than a crime-fighter, the masked hombre is a real life superhero in the region of Mexico City, Mexico.  At a glance, one might think his main objective is to win a championship belt.  However the real deal of Superbarrio is to promote the rights of workers and the poor in Mexico.  So if you think about it, he’s kind of like the Three Amigos all wrapped up in one spandex suit.  Which isn’t far off from his physical description.


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  1. If your’e interested in RLSH’s, I have a book on them coming out soon. (Available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble now!) Included is an extensive interview with (among man, many others) Captain Ozone. Check out the website for more details!

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