McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Review

It’s either really awesome or really sad that I’m in my 30’s and people still give me toys.  Up until recently, I was known for having quite a hefty Batman collection.  But even after selling off my collection of caped crusader memorabilia, I still receive random Batman themed paraphernalia from family and friends.

My old Batman Collection (RIP)

Today my mother in law handed me a wrapped toy and said, “sorry, they didn’t have Batman.”  It was an Aquaman action figure from the latest McDonald’s Happy Meal toy series.  The current toy for “boys” in Happy Meals are figures from the cartoon series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Aquaman Happy Meal Toy

It’s actually a decent sized action figure, measuring at approximately 4 inches in height.  His head can swivel at 360 degrees pivots slightly at the waist.  As far as accessories go, he comes with a large “ball of water” for throwing.  It’s not the most exciting accessory but at least it’s easy to find after he throws it.

Aquaman's back lever

As Aquaman’s spring-loaded arms raise, he is ready to launch his large and hopefully lethal accessory. Once the back lever is released, his arms come slamming down and there goes the ball of water.

Aquaman holding his ball of water

After multiple launches, I measured an average throw of 9 inches.  Not really impressive but the launching action from his arms could possibly double as a crushing double judo chop.

Considering the toy is supposed to be “free” as it came with a meal, it’s not a bad score.  Besides, what toy wouldn’t you want smelling like french fries?


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