Fall 2010 Top TV Picks

I didn’t watch much TV in my 20’s so I find it hilarious how I’m now a tube junkie .  Coasting along in my 30’s, I sometimes get darn right giddy about some of the crap that’s on TV.  Now that my summer of reruns has come to an end, I’m elbow-deep in season & series premieres.

One new show that I won’t be cheering nor jeering, is the new Hawaii Five-O.  Being that I live in Hawaii it’s all people talk about and frankly, I’m burnt-out and numb to the subject.

Moving on, here’s some fall programming that make my nipples tingle:

The League, season 2 (FX) – A show about the trials and tribulations of an 8 team fantasy football league.  The characters are brilliant but what really drives the show home for me are the performances from Paul Sheer and Mark Duplass.  Guys effectively knocking each other down a few pegs while drinking beer.  It’s a delicate balance that is perfected in this series.

Boardwalk Empire, season 1 (HBO) – Adapted from the book by Nelson Johnson, Steve Buscemi brings life to tales of corruption in Atlantic City during the prohibition era.  Violence, nudity, music, it has it all.  Martin Scorsese directed the first episode.  For me, it’s like watching Gangs of New York every week.

Bored to Death, season 2 (HBO) – The adventures of Jonathan Ames continues as an unlicensed private detective.  So far it looks like Zach Galifianakis’s appearances are still lightly gingered throughout each episode however Jason Schwartzman and Ted Danson keep the dialogue aflutter until we see more of the funny Greek.

Community, season 2 (NBC) – The powerhouse cast left viewers hanging in romantic suspense at the end of season one.  Thus far, it appears they are making it up to us with a rhythm of chuckles consistent of season 1, while adding depth to characters we’ve come to love.

Unfortunately there are also some disappointing shows this season that are making me limp from the waist down:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, season 6 (FX) – This is actually heartbreaking because I’ve been a hardcore fan of the show for a while now.  The season kicked off with what seemed like a two part episode, however it was not acknowledged as a two-parter.  Which implies that the show is straying from their signature mantra of not having their characters grow and develop and starting each episode with a clean slate.  The dialogue seems a bit lackluster and doesn’t have the intensity it once had.  I’m starting to think that the days of Nightman and Kitten Mittens are over.  This new season may be one where you’ll have to catch it from the beginning or you may miss the ride completely.  To be honest, it’s starting to look like a ride you may not care to catch.

$h*! My Dad Says, season 1 (CBS) – As a follower of the popular twitter feed, I really wanted this show to do well.  The obvious let down is the piss poor acting from Jonathan Sadowski but when I thought about it more, I’m not sure that William Shatner was the best choice for the role of Edison Milford “Ed” Goodson III.  Off the top of my head, Ed O’Neill would’ve been a better crabby old man.  If I had it my way, I’d yank O’Neill from Modern Family and cast him in this show on a cable network so that he could be a full blown potty mouth.

It’s still early in the season so really, there’s hope for all.  There’s a few shows yet to air that my thumb is ready to set to DVR:

Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, premieres October 12 (Comedy Central) – Stand-up Comedian Nick Swardson rolls the dice with his own sketch comedy show, hoping for the same moderate success as Important Things with Demetri Martin.  I’m a fan of Swardson’s stand up act and I’m a sketch comedy writer and performer myself so I’m going to do my best at supporting the craft.  Based on the sample clips on Comedy Central’s website, it looks decent enough to avoid the sketch comedy graveyard recently populated by Michael & Michael Have Issues and Chocolate News.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, premieres October 1 (IFC) – The first episode of the show created, written by, and starring David Cross can already been seen in its entirety on IFC’s website.  Cross has been apart of some home run comedy shows such as Mr. Show and Arrested Development and his stand up alone crushes audiences into a submission of laughter.

Conan, premieres November 8 (TBS) – The new lead-in for Lopez Tonight is expected to begin a new era in late night comedy.  Teamcoco.com is steadily serving up bite-sized hype for the upcoming show with twitter feeds, show promo videos and interviews with Conan O’Brien himself.  After all these months since the Conan vs NBC drama, I thought I’d be tired of saying that Jay Leno is a douchebag.  But I’m not.  Jay Leno is a douchebag and is a hershey stain on the underwear of comedy.

The fall 2010 season is shaping up to be a healthy entrée of entertainment.  Sifting through these hits and bombs are sure to keep viewers like me busy as I wait for my 2011 fresh helpings of Parks and Recreation, Entourage and Whitest Kids U’ Know.


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