Last Comic Standing’s reaction to Greg Giraldo’s Death

It’s been said thousands of times in the last 12 or so hours and I can only agree with the masses.  The world is short of another gut-busting comedian with the passing of Greg Giraldo.  Comedy Central’s Roasts will never EVER be the same.

TMZ’s website listed 17 quotes from Hollywood notables in comedy in their reaction to Giraldo’s death.  Of the 17 quotes, none were from the contestants or fellow judges from season 7 of Last Comic Standing.  The season aired this past summer and it was a treat to see and hear Giraldo every week.

Greg Giraldo (right) as a judge for season 7 of Last Comic Standing

In today’s social media world, it is not uncommon for a user to view celebrity reactions to major events via sites such as twitter.  After reading those 17 quotes on TMZ, I raised an eyebrow in what the reactions may be of everyone involved in the recent NBC show.

In case you were also curious, I compiled the tweets of the comedians* involved in Last Comic Standing, season 7 in reaction to Giraldo’s passing:

@MrCraigRobinson - "Greg is peace brother."
@natashaleggero - "I got to know Greg Giraldo this year and he was one of the most intelligent, naturally hilarious people I've ever met."
@kindlerandy - "Rest In Peace, my sweet friend, Greg Giraldo. So brilliant. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Love all the people."
@funnyfelipe - "Thanks Greg Giraldp for believing the moment you saw me on Last Comic standing .Today the world is less funny."
@roywoodjr - "Where ever you are Greg Giraldo. Thank you. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for being a defender of the artform. Thank you."
@jonathanthymius - "Roast In Peace my Brotha Greg Giraldo. Heaven must be laughing their asses off! #lastcomicstanding"
@rachelfeinstein - "I miss you, Greg. There was no one more warm and hilarious and brilliant than you. You were the most extroardinary person.You should be here"

* Missing comedians either don’t have a twitter account or haven’t tweeted about Giraldo yet.



  1. This was very thoughtful of you, Fern. Thank you for doing that. I care about stuff like that, too. I would have written something sooner, but I didn’t even find out until I came home from work. That’s why I hate jobs. They keep me from finding out about shit right away. That is awesome how we both blogged about it at the same time, though. Too bad it was for such a shitty cause. Thanks again and take care.

    • What’s funny (not so funny) is that I only recently found out as well when I STARTED work. Only during work (or in the bathroom) do I really have time to check on stuff happening in the real world. Otherwise I’m just changing diapers.

      Thanks for your comment and I enjoyed you blog entry as well. I also feel more compelled to do stand up soon.

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