The Best Halloween Costume I’ve Ever Seen

I’m not sure if this sighting would qualify as a costume but if anything, it’s the funniest damn Halloween accessory I ever saw back in high school.

In was an October in the mid 90’s. I was at a high school football game and one of the players got injured. As most of you know, it’s customary to remain silent when an injured player is down. Then you would applaud when the player finally gets up and limps to the sideline.

Well in this case, we were about 45 seconds into the silence. A classmate in front of me then tucked his head down and came back up in a condom hat. He didn’t say anything or make a huge gesture as to say, “hey look at me, I’m crazy.” He just sat in silence with a condom on his head. I nearly turned red trying to hold in the laughter.

His comic timing was perfect and so was the prophylactic headpiece. It wasn’t over the top but yet just enough to stand out. To this day, I still chuckle when I see a condom hat. One might have to include a shower curtain or some Saran wrap to call it a full costume but it’s always a winner in my book.

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