My private tweet from Doug Benson

Doug Benson at the 2009 Comic Con in San Diego.
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In the world of microblogging, twitter is king.  The little blue bird is easily integrated into any other social network, which makes twitter my first stop when unleashing my thoughts to the world.  As life-changing as my “tweets” are, I also use my twidroyd application to also check up on the happenings of my friends and favorite entertainers.  I believe a daily chuckle does a world of good and so I love to follow comedians.  Doug Benson is one of these comedians.

If you’re not familiar with comedy’s famous stoner, he was a contestant on season 5 of Last Comic Standing and has since released three albums of his standup material.  He also is the host of the Doug Loves Movies podcast, of which I am a loyal listener.  Comedy Central is the home of his latest project, The Benson Interruption.  The program is based on his live show where he interrupts standup comics in the middle of their jokes, as seen in the documentary Super High Me.

One day I saw @DougBenson at the top of my twitter feed.  Feeling saucy, I decided to publicly contact him (twitter term, “mention”).  The tweet read as follows:

“@DougBenson Doug, gimme one week of having you as my follower. I promise to be funny and interesting. Btw, your podcast rocks!”

Not realizing til a few days ago, Benson replied to my tweet within hours.  Although his reply was private (twitter term, “direct message” or “DM”).  Honestly it would’ve been exciting if he publicly replied (twitter term, “reply”) to my tweet so that I could retweet (RT) and show it to all of my comedian friends.  That is, it would’ve been cool had the tweet been positive.  Instead I was shut down by the following DM tweet:

“Thanks for listening. Not looking for strangers to follow! :)”

In this case I guess it was better to be rejected in private, showing that the lazy-eyed funny man has some compassion.  Plus he included a smiley face which sort of softens the blow.  He could’ve been like most celebrities and not even replied.  Taking time off from styling his kindergarten haircut just to reply to me does say something about Doug Benson.  He’s a class act.

As this blog goes public in minutes… so will this personal vow.  One day, I will be a somebody.  A somebody that people will want to know and Benson himself will put down his joint to contact me to appear on his podcast.  At which point, we’ll discuss this story of his private tweet and laugh, laugh and fart.



  1. Wet my pants, Kiddo! It’s so awesome to know you now: humble and hungry! I don’t think you’ll ever forget how hard this climb is, but so worth it. There are so many of us who want to see you succeed. AND YOU WILL!

    Love, Paula, aka @lavagal

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