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Alright so this is an update for my previous post, “My private tweet from Doug Benson.”  It was basically me whining about the famous comedian turning me down when asking him to become one of my followers on twitter.  After posting the blog entry, I made peace with the situation and continued with my Benson fandom.

On December 3rd, a new episode of the Doug Loves Movies podcast came out on iTunes and so I eagerly downloaded it and rocked it on my iPod while doing some chores.  The episode featured Ethan Suplee, TJ Miller and Jen Kirkman.  It was decent but it didn’t meet the bar of chuckles that many previous episodes have set.  I was pretty sure that it was the booked guests who gave me subtle grins instead of my usual robust hardy-har-hars while loading my dishwasher.  However there was something in the back of my head poking at the possibility of having a sour attitude toward Benson as a result of this whole private tweet action.

I quickly dismissed the idea but decided to jokingly post the following tweet:

I dunno if it’s because I’m still bitter at @DougBenson but the last Doug Loves Movies podcast was really weird. At least it was free!

For me, that was the end of it and I chalked that episode in the miss column and waited for the next one.  Within 24 hours of that post, the star of the Benson Interruption himself sent another private tweet my way:

Why bitter?

Naturally, my reaction was “oh crap!”  In Aziz Ansari‘s most recent standup album, he jokes about how comedians don’t really have much to do during the day and so they’ll search anyone/anything that mentions them on the internet.  Affectionately called, “Googling.”  However in this case my tweet wasn’t too difficult to find, being that the star of Super High Me could easily check twitter for anyone that mentions him.  I don’t know if I put him on too high of a pedestal, but I thought he gets way too many twitter mentions on any given day to investigate any type of dissatisfaction with his act.

As I said before, I’m a really big fan and I would hate for the guy to think I’m a douche so I replied to the tweet, saying that I was just kidding and not to take it personally.  However MY private tweet was halted because… HE DOESN”T FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.  Hahahaha!  Sorry, maybe it’s just me that found that one ironically funny.

Sure, I could’ve publicly replied to him but I figured if he publicly called me out, I’d publicly reply an apology.  If he sends me privately sends me a message, I feel the reply should also be private.  So in this situation, no reply from me.  If anything, he’ll check to see who’s tweeting about him again and see this post (because I link this blog to my @fernrocks twitter account).

I’m not sure why but I later clicked on over to @DougBenson and what I saw explained it all.  He was following 420 people on twitter.  As High Times Magazine‘s Comedian of the Year for 2006, he could’ve easily explained that he can only follow 420 people on twitter to cater to his weed-humor and I would’ve understood.  However I just clicked on his profile again before posting this and I see he has 421 followers.  Maybe he saw someone he really wants to follow and now has to WEED out a friend or two.  Haha, you get it?  Weed?  That was my attempt at being funny.

Oh well.  Doug if you read this, no hard feelings man.  You kick ass and you still have a loyal fan here in the islands.


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