Hottest Christmas Toys of My Youth

Omnibot MkII
Image via Wikipedia
FX began re-airing A Very Sunny Christmas, from season 5 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  The 2009 holiday special features the Omnibot MK II.  I remembered these plastic-domed bots were a hit Christmas toy in the mid-80s.  However in my youth, gifts like the Omnibot or even Atari were viewed as “rich kid toys.”  Needless to say my Christmas toy memories were now jogged and I reminisced about the hottest Christmas toys of my childhood.  Maybe I’m just a jaded old man, but I think toys were a lot more fun and imaginative in the 80s and 90s compared to the video game-only market for modern Christmas gifts.

Here are three Christmas gifts that rocked my world, the way a Playstation 3 never could.

TMNT - Casey Jones, 1989

After America got their hands on the first four “Heroes in a Half Shell,” other characters from the world of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were released.  I can’t pinpoint the sole factor that made me carry this action figure wherever I went.  Honestly I think it was the combo of having a hockey mask, blue streaks in his hair, and using sports accessories as weapons.  I didn’t like my action figures using guns.  I was very pro-ninja and guns ruined my zen.

Super Soaker 100, 1990

In the 80’s, all the badass water guns were battery powered.  In 1990, Larami introduced a hand-pumped water gun that delivered a a blow harder than any of its battery powered predecessors.  The Super Soaker 50 models were everywhere that year.  Towards the holiday season, these new 100 models were introduced.  I really wanted one but didnt tell a soul.  Luckily Santa read my mind.

G.I. Joe - Sonic Fighters, 1991

At this point, I’ve been playing with G.I. Joe’s for almost 10 years.  The line of Sonic Fighters was the first of many innovations from the popular series of action figures.  With these new backpacks offering 4 battle sounds, I was temporarily hooked back into the G.I. Joe fever.

Who knows what will be the Christmas toy sensation for my daughter in a few years.  At the rate things are going, it’ll probably be a fantasy chip that plugs into the back of your skull.  You’ll be then able to live out your childhood fantasy and be tricked to think you’re in Disneyland or something.  Sounds like a $80 retail item to me.


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