Nine movies I got for Christmas

Many debate on whether or not it’s worth it to purchase DVDs anymore.  With the convenience of digital downloads increasing, shelves that once held DVD collections may now hold things like your 7-11 collectible Big Gulp cup collection.  I however hold tight to the idea of hard copy ownership.  I love having a stack of shiny discs next to my computer and popping one in when I’m bored.  Then later if I get a virus and my computer crashes, my movie collection is safe… the way God intended.

This year, my friends knowing me all too well, purchased and wrapped these babies in yule tide spirit.  The nine DVDs I received for Christmas are as follows:


Boy Eats Girl
Dead and Gone
Return of the Living Dead 3
Return of the Living Dead Necropolis
Pumpkinhead II
Wishmaster 2





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