The Next Level of Balloon Animals

I took my daughter to her friend’s birthday party this weekend.  The children were congregated around this clown-esque lady.  I’m not sure about the criteria that would define her as a clown.  She had a clown wig and a tiny hat.  That was clown enough for me.  Anyway, a friend of mine tried to ask the “clown” if she would make a balloon animal for his daughter.  She said “I’m sorry, I’m supposed to start face painting right now.  I might be able to squeeze one in if you can tell me exactly what she wants.”  I thought to myself, geez you’re making balloon animals and painting faces, stop taking your job so seriously.

At the end of the party, a balloon masterpiece was given to my daughter that showed this clown chick took her job VERY… VERY seriously.

It was a nightmare to get in and out of the car but damn, it was worth it.  It was a palm tree, weighed down with a water balloon disguised as one of those green coconuts at the bottom.  Plus the tree had wildlife!


Balloon Parrot
Balloon Monkey

I’ll be sure to think twice before I judge someone of the “clown arts.”



One comment

  1. i went to a kids’ party and they made a scuba tank/backpack, a “spear” (guess how that one was made), a mask that had bubbles coming out of it, and a belt with a balloon fish (get it?) hanging off of it.

    balloon as performance art? installation art?

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