Song plays in iTunes but not on iPod

Ben Folds' single, "Free Coffee"

Today I was clicking around on the iTunes store and downloaded a single from Ben Folds called “Free Coffee.”  I dunno what it is about that tune, but it makes me smile.

Later when I tried to listen to my new download while doing the dishes, I noticed that my iPod wouldn’t play the song.  I had already played it numerous times in iTunes so I know it had downloaded successfully.  This had happened to me once before and I thought it was just a freak accident and had just took the 99 cent financial loss and deleted the song.  Now that it was happening again, I figured that this can’t continue and I must fine a solution.

I thought at first it was perhaps the bit rate of the file but I have other songs on my iPod that play fine with the same bit rate.  I did some “google-ing” and thank your favorite deity, I found a thread with some answers at  A few of the posts suggested I remove the song from my library, sync iPod so that the song is removed from my iPod.  Then I am supposed to check that I have the most recent iTunes update (which I did have, btw), then add the song back into my library and sync to iPod.

Guess what kids?!?  It worked!

I guess the one thing to be careful of is when you are deleting the song from your library.  Be sure to keep the file and not trash the song completely.  In celebration of this successful troubleshoot, I have listened to the “Free Coffee” single on loop on my iPod as I write this post.  I’m starting to get a little irritated so I’m going to have to end here.  I hope this helps anybody out there that may come across this problem in the future.


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