A question about zombies

Boy Eats Girl

I recently watched Boy Eats Girl, since it was one of the Nine movies I got for Christmas.  It was a film about a voodoo zombie strain that takes over a small Irish town.  The first individual to whom the zombie spell/strain was first given was oddly one of the very last to “turn.” This was despite of the fact he had been infected the whole time.

This brought on my question about zombies…

What are the factors that accelerate or decelerate the zombie turning process after one has been infected?

At first I thought maybe it depended on where along the daisy chain one has been bitten.  Meaning folks infected early on take longer to turn than infected victims down the line.  This would propose that the viral strain gains intensity as it is passed on.  We’ll call this my scientific theory.

The next theory that came to mind was sheer willpower.  The central character in the film was in love and at one point after turning into the zombie, his original love interest begged him to fight his zombie urge. I’ve seen this predicament in previous werewolf and vampire films.  Unfortunately, no titles come to mind right now.  We’ll call this my love theory.

If it came down between these two theories, I’d probably go with the latter.  However since viewing the film, more theories began sprouting up in my head.  Perhaps it was at the same speed a zombie infection would claim me.  Other theories/factors that affect the speed of zombie infection could be:

  • immune system
  • dosage (multiple bites)
  • location of infection – one of the characters was bitten while receiving oral sex
  • care of wound – for some reason, immediately wrapping the wound seems to slow the process down (i.e. mother in Shaun of the Dead)
  • age
  • race

These are just some things to think about the next time you either watch a zombie flick or are bitten by a zombie.  Look out behind you!


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